Science for Kids - A free Science Network for Kids. - This is a great site to answer all those questions you have about science. Full of interesting information and lots of facts. Built by Colm Bryne and his children Stephen & Paul. I;m sure they would love to hear from children from this side of the world.

Here is another site with Science, Maths and English Projects for Kids - you might like to check -

I’ve been thinking of making a page for the grandkids
here is a link to a kids science page

The first is a link to the parents on the value of reading to kids and suggestions of ways of reading - click here for the podcast

Here is a link to a kids science page

James is looking at Volcanoes - here are some links to volcanoes an lava flowing out James

Photos of volcanoes and lava

Volcanic eruptions

HI Kobi and Luka here is a map showing where the volcanoes are in the world - they are all on the red lines - there are about 1200 active volcanoes that are still alive


James here are some more volcano photos